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My Father & The Tipton Saga

In his day my father was a prestigious best-selling author, and three times winner of the coveted crime writers Gold Dagger award, amongst others. His unique books can be viewed at www.LionelDavidson.com  Inexplicably he hated writing books, but loved telling stories. These stories were fantastically enchanting, and he told me them at bedtime. Bedtime stories! They were amazing. He was a true magical story-teller, and a superb writer. However, banging away at the typewriter, while writing a book, it was a different story. He was stressed, overworked, and constantly getting ill. I’ve never known anyone have so many illnesses as my old dad. I vowed never ever ever ever to write a book, as it seemed a highly disagreeable occupation. In any case films was my thing. I fell down a rabbit hole.

A while after my father had passed away I wrote a feature film script which I considered had many innovative attributes, and did not want to get these innovations ripped off. Therefore I decided to transcribe the script into book form, and reckoned this might take four or five weeks.Rabbit holes! Five years and three books later it was still not finished! At the end of the third book I thought of a theme that would make the The Tipton Saga epic. This project exponentially evolved from the original film script into something far vaster – an epic fantasy! This new theme required a re-write all three books, starting with the first, and this all had taken an epic amount of time!

A year or so later I had finished the rewrite of the first and part of the second book. Thought I’d better get the publishing on the go. After discovering it takes many months for an agent to even look at a manuscript I opted to try the first book on the precarious path of self-publishing. I knocked up a cover concept, got it typeset, and found a firm that handles the business of publishing. I came upon LiterallyPR who could get advance reviews with an interesting concept called The Online Book Tour. This iiinvolved giving around fifteen seasoned book reviewers a PDF copy prior to publication. They were given a day – one of around fifteen consecutive days – to post their review. They were under no obligation to pull in a ‘good’ review. They would post on Goodreads, and or X and Instagram along with (if they really liked the book) recommendations to their many book-loving followers and book clubs.) Well they did like it, massively so, as if the new Ian Fleming had arrived! Please read the reviews and you will see what I mean. I think my dad would be proud, I hope he will, and I am still trying to figure out why he hated writing books. Please read the reviews, but first some magical words…

Magical Words from reviewers of the Online Book Tour! 

Gripping …. Compelling …. Page-turner … Could not put it down….. Read it in one hit. …Exceeded my expectations …. Addictive plot ….  unique captivating reading experience …. Amazing storyline …..Absolutely devoured it… highly recommended …  Author does an exception job ….. seemlessly blends two genres …. thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in this world ….. An amazing storyline ….  Can’t wait to read the next instalment…..  Incredibly imaginative …. kept me on the edge of my seat …. Felt like I was in a time machine … Philip does an incredible job of putting you in the scene  …  Beautifully portrays the passage of time … The author is an incredible writer..

Oh, music to my ears, now please read their actual reviews…



Many people describe this book as a merging of the history and fantasy genres. It does have some true history, and I hope you enjoy it, but personally I would describe it as a merging of history, and alternative history. History that could be –  I do not want to reveal too much here and let you discover

Birth of the Tiptons follows thelives of the first generation of the Tipton family, from 1810 to 1850. The twin Tipton boys grow up in a Black Country orphanage and see the industrial revolution taking shape. However it appears an external force is pulling the strings on the boys. Not one force, but two, and this is because of their highly unusual parentage which they are initially unaware of.

In adulthood one brother joins the East India Company, the other a large industrial ironworks. They have a fallout and a near fatal fight in the half built Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, but they come together for Georges application to the Great Exhibition of 1851. After a brush with royalty it becomes necessary to escape to the new world and lay low for five generations as the enormity of the of their task is revealed. 

Part two (coming soon) concern the two Tipton women who have to carry out this task.


 You should be able to view, buy or read the first chapter free (on the ‘look inside’ function) and you should be able to do this almost anywhere in the world. However spare a thought for your local bookseller, or library. Please try and buy from your local book store. We are trying to make it accessible to stock everywhere.


I will be doing regular blogs and update. Possibly video podcasts too.

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